What You Need To Start Producing Music

What You Need To Start Producing Music

What You Need To Start Producing Music Music Production can be a hefty load of work especially if you are a starter. Still, it can be one of the most hilarious and rewarding feelings in the world if you root deep to the act passionately. If you are a starter, the workload and equipment cost […]
Growing Your Instagram As A Musician

Growing Your Instagram As A Musician

Growing Your Instagram As A Musician It is inarguably that Instagram has grown to become a major social media platform even thou some still considered Facebook to be the king when it comes to social media. Beyond reasonable doubt, Instagram surpassed the like of Myspace, Twitter, and many others which make channeling your energy to be […]
Promoting as a music producer

Promoting Yourself As A Music Producer

Decades ago, if you wanted to record something of good quality, you need to visit a recording studio that had had a professional-grade tape machine, a console, and a whole slew of outboard gear and mics. Human resources such as engineers and managers are part of what makes a studio. Most musicians are not familiar […]
Spotify Streams

How to get streams on Spotify

How to get streams on Spotify The global music streaming industry continues to grow exponentially. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds. With over 75 million paying subscribers, and millions of free users, Spotify remains of the biggest music streaming platforms across the globe. The platform is recognized as an excellent place for amateur […]

Wild Things: Life Inside The mau5trap

WILD THINGS: LIFE INSIDE THE MAU5TRAP It is no news that the label mau5trap has grown to become one of the most reputable labels in the dance music scene. Over the years, the label-boss, a renowned international electronic music superstar, deadmau5, has been more than impressive not just because he has continued to leave his […]
chris lake

Is Chris Lake ghost producing for DJ Fisher?

Is Chris Lake ghost producing for DJ Fisher? Chris Lake is a name to reckon with in house music; the English producer came into limelight in EDM using the alias Cristophe D’Abuc in 2002 to create a series of remixes and bootleg. However, he has continued to be relevant since then, producing a plethora of […]
ghost producer

How much do artists pay to ghost producers?

Music is an important element to life, it is food for the soul, it helps people to feel relaxed, and exactly what the soul needs every time. Music talks to the listener, nurturing comfort, commiserate and talked to the heart in an unusual way. The world would have been cold and silent without music. Just […]
ghost producers

Why Do Ghost Producers Ghost Produce Instead Of Releasing Music?

Ghost Producers is not a new word in the music industry and their presence has always being a point of argument. For some music lovers and artists, they believe the long-term value of a well-known artist is superior to the music the artist performs. Consistency and ability to keep the fans on track, give them […]

Can I become a famous DJ if I use ghost producers?

The term ghost producer has been around for a while and it has been a perfect replacement of the ghostwriter that was famous in the 90s. A ghost producer is a person who produces music in the dark (anonymously) for another artist or DJ. The music will be released by the artist or DJ and […]