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Writing A Professional Biography As A Music Artist



Majority of musician tend to ignore their biography forgetting the fact that it is the vital part of how they present themselves to their audience. Majority ask themselves why should they take the time to draft a piece of biography when the majority of their website visitor will only focus on the main page without taking the time to read the biography. Well, you are totally wrong if you are among the multiple artists that think that way. While a good biography might not make you famous on its own, no biography or bad biography might discourage the majority of your website visitor as they will assume they don’t know anything about.

A great biography is one of the most important pages of a musician website as it is the first thing that will create an impression about the artist or band and has a great power in converting your website visitors into fans, and also gives them a perfect sense of who you are.

We said great biography is a vital part of your website but we are not sure if you know how to create one and that is why we’ve put together below, few ideas that will help you craft an effective musician biography. Following this steps while creating your biography as an artist, we are confident that you will create an amazing biography for yourself.


It’s important to understand your audience before you dives into the details of writing your biography as an artist. When you focus more on the aspect of your life that your audiences are not even interested in, they might be discourage before reading to the point they will be interested in. Be sure that your biography in in resonate with your audience.


Your artist biography should be fact details about your art career and should be written in the third person. Start by who you are! Your name and some background information such as where you work, when and where you were born, and when you start your career as an artist. This part can also contain your academic attainment and other relevant information like art training or schooling.

In this section, do not forget to discuss your professional attainments such as award received, exhibition and other important art publication that you have featured. Excessive written in this section can become something boring to the reader since it’s only talking about your previous achievement.

You can chip in the recent project that you participated in but it must be a popular one that the reader can relate with or remember at once. Proceed by ending this section by discussion what the readers (fans) should anticipate from you (your upcoming project).


You can write using different style and tones and at the end, select anyone that seems to be the best for your website. Chip in your personality art-related interests but ensure all are capable of keeping your audience to read further and want to stay longer on your website.


For impression last longer, your biography as an artist may be the only chance you will get to create that impression. Ensure you keep it short and concise such that your point will be easy to grab by the reader. Excessive discussion out of focus structure can make the reader lose interest in reading further.

Make each paragraph short and ensure it is proofread by a professional writer or a brilliant friend that is good in this aspect. Be certain that all spelling and grammars and sentence structure are properly checked.

Also, make use of best format while typing. These include spacing, font size, color selection and other design elements that serve to unify all your materials.

You may include SEO keywords that will make you searchable through search engines.


There is no monopoly of knowledge, so your trusted friend or partner that is also an artist. He or she is reading for the first time and may be able to chip in new ideas that can bring perfection to your biography. He or she will serve as your audience and will be able to tell you if the biography truly communicates who you are since he or she knows you too well!


The purpose of your bio is to let your audience know who you are and to also communicate your status as an artist but do not forget that you attain new step growing in your career every day. As you progress in your career as an artist, ensure your biography progress with you. Always chip in your new achievement and make the rewriting of your biography a must when necessary.

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