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Many people believe that creating a brand and maintaining a standard of excellence is the major key to become successful in the music industry.

A lot of upcoming artists believe that they will be at the top of the game as long as they are able to overcome the technical aspects of their instrument and can play around confidently with the language of music. They assumed success is guaranteed at all cost.

Of course, they are right, when you know what you are into, what you should expect is an uncompromised success but when it comes to the music industry, there is more to it, the competition is high, and overcoming the technical aspects of instruments is no longer a big deal.

Many know these basic principles but they are not relevant as people don’t even pay attention to them.

It is possible for such to be happening to you or someone you know, there may be an artist that you can satisfactory confirmed to be great in what he is doing but still find out that people don’t know him, what he is doing is not relevant not to talk of making him famous.

Over time, I have come to realized that majority of artists are not successful in music career because they are simply chasing the wrong things; they have relaxed on what they know best but ignoring few things that can actually change their stories.

Apart from what they know, it is best to know the common mistakes that can actually contribute to their failure. I will like to give a few reasons why many artists fail:


Successful people are goal getters who don’t wait for things to happen but make things happen. I don’t know why many artists still keep to this orientation of perfect time, I don’t know why they keep on believing that their own time exists somewhere, I really can’t say why they still have space for this type of crap in their head.

Artists that are goal getters don’t assume a record label will come to offer them a deal that will be sufficient to fund all the cost to do their work but they get up every day to make things happen.

Artists that are goal getter don’t rely on their talent alone, rather, they work tirelessly on a daily basis to improve, and also strive to be the best in their field.  They find every reason not create an excuse for themselves to fail.


You have the talent so! Many have the talents but their talent brought them nowhere because they lack the knowledge to boost their talent.

Many artists are willing to give in their best but really don’t know what to do. Many don’t know how to start and many are afraid to try because they don’t know what the result will be.

If you fall into this category, don’t assume your talent will pave way for you on its own, from songwriting, to performing, to marketing not excluding recording and other aspects of music, everything has a procedure. If you aim at success, you have to do your homework and seek the help of experts.

Find those that know, look for mentors that have made an edge in the industry and they will guide you to succeed.


Survey matter most in everything we do. Many artists are actually trying their best but for some reasons, they still find themselves in the same spot and their efforts seem to be countless.

Perhaps they are doing the wrong things or probably they are doing the right things wrongly or they are skipping vital parts of what they are doing.

If you want to be successful, don’t just take every risk, take reasonable risks, rather than throwing many things against the wall to see which sticks, do your homework to know which ones will stick.

Don’t make effortless efforts, know what to do, when to do it and how to do it, be sure to know where and what to get from it. Have a proper plan on what to do and be sure you follow plans that will yield positive and massive results.


Who is a great artist without great fans? Relationship building is very important if you want to be successful in the music industry.

You must build a relationship with other artist and your fans and you must ensure that you keep giving to your fans what will keep and continuously deepen the relationships.


People who do it alone don’t go far and this is exactly what many artists do. The reason for this is what I can’t explain perhaps they want to take absolute control, or maybe they lack the knowledge of building or working with a team.

When a wolf walks alone, the chance of getting killed is high but when wolfs walk-in a pack, their lives are more secure. Successful artists attract people with positive vibes to themselves and they are always good working with a team.


When you don’t have a brand as an artist, you will soon become irrelevant instead of putting more effort to create good sound that will stand as a dignitary of their personality, many will create sound that sound familiar to a sound that has been created by a known artist and in no time, the sound will become irrelevant in the ears of the audience.

If you want to be a successful artist, working hard as possible to create unique sounds that will not be a copy of a famous or any existing artist is your key duty.

This is one way to stand out of a multitude, build a brand and get yourself known by the general public.

There are hundreds of reasons why some artists fail and why some succeed, Fan Management, Communication, Finances, Professionalism and many more can all affect artist’s result. But against all odds, artists who are constantly improving, learning, working with people with positive vibes, taking care of necessary business, and challenging the game will end up successful.

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