As long as you are wise and really know how to utilize opportunities, many side businesses will bring money to your wallet apart from what your main business. Merchandise as remained a good way to raise money for many industries not excluding the great football world.

Apart from selling tickets, merchandise selling has remained an important key in fundraising for all football club across the world. All clubs have their online stores where they sell merchandise and from the store, they realize a huge amount of money.

Juventus make over $60 million from selling Cristiano Ronaldo jersey within 24hours, Manchester United make £190 million in just three weeks selling Paul Pogba jersey to the fans.

The big question is what is special about the jersey? Is it different from other jerseys? For crying out loud, Ronaldo picture was not even on the jersey except his popular number 7. Well! Nothing special it’s just an indication of how much people love those guys.

For many years, merchandise has become a major way of making a substantial amount of money in the music industry for artists who know how to step up their game.

Although it was not that rampant in the past as CD sales, performance and concert were the major sources of income then but nevertheless, the big artist still considers merchandise as side deal that fetches them extra cash.

Recently, CD sales are no longer relevant as there are several ways of distributing music and several means for people to download the music without paying for it.

Piracy or no piracy, people get good music without paying and music streaming also makes it easier than ever.

Merchandise has become something to reckon with in the music world globally as it has almost replaced the old source of income which is CD sales.

For those who know their way, they make amount similar to how much they make selling CDs and some even make more without any stress.

A Nigerian international singer Wizkid Star Boy signed a deal with Nike for his official jersey, the jersey was unveiled on 10th of September, 2018 and was sold out within 10 minutes.

This is proof to illustrate how much you can make selling merchandise.

Merchandise selling is not particular to the big fishes in the industry alone but also to those that have not made it to the limelight as buying of merchandise is one of the ways fans appreciate and express the love they have for the artist.

Apart from the money, artists can benefit greatly from merchandise selling and can actually assist in raising fund to maintain and manage their brand. Here are a few reasons why an artist should consider selling merchandise:


Many people consider merchandise as a way to show love to their favorite artist and to let people know about their passion for such an artist.

When a fan is wearing a shirt or cap with the inscription, logo, brand name or image of their favorite artist on it, many people will see it on him and from there conversation might start about such artist and this might lead to increase in the number of the artist fans.


Merchandise is a free means for an artist to advertise his brand. When you have a brand logo, signature or name, it is important to let the world know you with it.

Anywhere in the world where you see the logo with a sketch owl creature and OVO beneath the bird, then, Drake will ring a bird except if you are not too familiar with the hip hop world.

This is how far your merchandise can create an identity for you.


A white t-shirt with Kanye West sketched image sells for $29 on Amazon, check the link to confirm this https://www.amazon.com/Clothing-Shoes-Jewelry-Kanye-West/s?ie=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Kanye%20West&page=1&rh=n%3A7141123011 you will see reviews of those that have purchased the shirt.

The shirt is just a white t-shirt and nothing special about but the selling point is the image on it.

Who tell you that your fans cannot pay a similar amount to get your image shirt?

You do not have to stress yourself creating any special design; your fans will appreciate anything as long as it has a connection to you. Your album cover art, a picture from your popular performance or even your band logo can do the magic.


Once you’ve had the crowd to yourself, utilizing such opportunity can actually fetch you extra money. You were paid to perform at the show but getting extra cash isn’t a bad idea.

You’ve had the attention of the audience, they already love you, before dropping the microphone, announce what you have to sell and let them know how they can get it immediately. You will be surprised by the number of sales you will make.

Those who don’t even need the merchandise may end up buying to show you some love,

Numerous are what you can sell to your fans as merchandise, mugs, t-shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers and many more. Selling Merchandise is one of the coolest ways for you to make money, Go out there and slay your merchandise business and get extra bucks to your wallet!

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