What You Need To Start Producing Music

What You Need To Start Producing Music


What You Need To Start Producing Music

Music Production can be a hefty load of work especially if you are a starter. Still, it can be one of the most hilarious and rewarding feelings in the world if you root deep to the act passionately. If you are a starter, the workload and equipment cost can be overwhelming but starting with the basic needs can lessen the stress. Before proceeding to what you need to start producing music, here are two terms you need to know.


What Is Music Production?

Music production is a creative act that encompasses creation, development, and refining of recorded music for public presentation. Music production includes the complete lifecycle of a piece of music from its origination which is writing to the point it’s presentable to the general public for listening. This act might be an overwhelming process but a big thanks to technology for the introduction of digital tools that reduces the workload.


What Does A Music Producer Do?

To put it straight, a music producer is like a pilot of music, the role of a producer can be likened to that of a movie director. Just like the director is responsible for ensuring all scenes are well organized, a producer creates a vision for the material and work with the musicians artistically to ensure the vision is actualized. A producer can act as an organizer, coordinator, adviser, and any other roles that will ensure the music comes out at its best.

However, the genre of music and the type of workflow is also determinant of who a producer is. For instance, in R&B and hip-hop, the producer is often referred to as the beat maker. Contrary to that, in EDM the artist could be the producer as most artists often produce their own material and music.

Whichever category you belong to as per your talent, as long as you intend to produce music, this basic information on what you need to start producing music will help you reduce the common overwhelming workload for starter and reduce your starting cost.


Basic Things You Need to Start Producing Music


A good laptop with good configuration will make a great tool for music production. A laptop with a minimum of 8GB RAM will run the music production software smoothly. MIDI keyboard and pad controllers will be and additional bonus for comfort as it will allow you to create freely without the constriction of your laptop minimal keyboard. Also, the MIDI keyboard is equipped with mixing tools to help balance out your soundscapes.



Digital Audio Workstation ( music production software) is another great tool you need. Download demos to familiarize yourself with the software and determine which one is most comfortable for you. Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic Pro, and FL Sudio are all good, but select the one you feel most comfortable working with.


Basic Audio Equipment

Soundcard, decent speakers, headphones, XLR, and jack cables are part of your basic need. With a soundcard, you will be able to record instruments into your laptop and likewise, link your speakers to your laptop. With quality headphones, you will be able to get rid of noise and likewise, you need cables to connect your speakers to your laptop.



As earlier mentioned that you could be just a producer or a recording artist doing self-production. If you are not a recording artist then, you can find sounds online to play with. There are several sample packs online ranging from drum sounds, vocals, bass sounds, and many more that you can make your music with. Native Instrument is a good start if you are looking for unique sounds.



Finally, you need yourself. Starting music production can be an overwhelming experience and can be so frustrating at the start. You must prepare yourself for success and give it what it takes to achieve your dream. Educate yourself adequately, take advantage of YouTube channels that offer great music production tutorials such as You Suck at Producing, ADSR music production tutorials, Produce like a pro, and many more.


Do not expect success immediately instead, give it your best every day, sacrifice a bit of your night to learn but do not overwork yourself. Learn from a pro if you have the opportunity and find a role model that can motivate you every day.


I hope the aforementioned has helped you understand the basics of what is needed to start producing music. Don’t be deceived by what you read online or see big producers doing, dream big but it’s not a must you start big. Once you have a well-configured laptop, music software, and other accessories and you know where to get quality sounds and you are ready to sacrifice your time to learn every day, there is really no limit to what you can achieve producing.

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