Tips for sending demos to record labels


For emerging music producers who are all set to go away from promotion and self-relief, there’s a perfect “next step”. Sending your albums to record labels with the expectations of getting a release isn’t that much simple. Just keep reading to know how to appropriately send demos to record labels and make your track stand out from the crowd.

When you’re dealing with record labels, having great music isn’t enough. You must know how to properly tone the labels. In this article, I’ll share some of the insights on how to send a demo to a record label, and increase chances of getting a positive response.

  • Keep it Sweet and short

Just remember, even minor labels are overwhelmed with demos, and several labels do listen to all they get. So, making their work simpler will only benefit your case. Your demo set should comprise of:

A short demo

You should only go with two to three of your best tracks. Whatsoever lengthier won’t get attended to. Your demo must be openly categorized with your name and the email address. Don’t write your number in that.

Short bio

You should have this straight to the point. There is no need to write like “My parents have identified from birth that I would be a musician…”

  • Follow up

It can take some time for a label to in fact get around to playing your demo, but a kindly, intermittent email will support your demo stand out from the box. Don’t call unless you have been stated differently by the label,. It set folks on the spot and won’t earn you any friends. Just stick to email. And above all, don’t give overstated guilty feeling to the A&R staff because they haven’t so far listened.

  • Privatize tracks and make them special to the labels

Somewhat that everybody wants to be is different. Labels really like it. Making a track special to a label will provide you with a better chance of getting contracted. Also, make sure that you don’t post an open link and also that link which has over 100 plays on it as it’s somewhat everybody sees openly. At top upload your track many times and show it to the labels separately. This is the key. Also don’t refer it to marketers before you already released it or it’s already owed to be released. If your song is on YouTube or anyplace before it’s released you’re not getting hired. Labels are harsh but unbiased. Everybody needs something original not used.

  • Make sure to preserve your social media proficient

Somewhat that you could not identify but you should is that the record label will assess and check your social media profiles to make sure you’re not some invasive dick or that you post inapt images that may harm the labels image in the coming time.

To make sure you’re clean, delete all incongruous tweets that make you look like you’re immature, invasive or whatever that you would not suppose an artist you search to post. Remember you’re not contracted yet so you don’t actually have any independence to express your judgment. It’s important to show up but don’t do it in a manner which will hurt your chances of getting contracted.

With the help of these important points, you can shine your demos to be considered at Record Labels.

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