Time Management For Music Producers



Every producers and Djs have a peculiar way of spending their time in the studio. It could be digging for a new music, reading gear review, practicing a new technique, playing with their equipment to bring out something new from them and so on. Most of our time is a determinant of how we feel but often time, we used our time without putting into consideration time management. Time management is something most producers overlook when working which is what I consider not normal as time is the only resource that is irreversible. Whether you’re creating a sound library, recording an album, creating a track or just creating sound for a track, getting paid or just doing freestyle, you need to wisely use the time to hit a deadline. Cultivating the habit of making a deadline and time planning is a great habit that will get you paid big time in the latter days. In this article, I will like to offer some solid advice that can help you manage your time as a music producer.


If you ask anybody for time management tips, the first thing they will tell you is to always create a to-do list on a daily basis but how often is this effective? Creating a to-do list is one thing, achieving the set goals is another thing. Creating a to-do list is a very good idea for time management but often time, people tend to start with the effortless task that will make them feel they have achieved much for that day when what they have done is solving those effortless tasks and leaving the bigger task procrastinated. Procrastination is a thief of time, when you keep on repeating this habit, leaving the important tasks which are the most difficult and doing the easy ones believing that you have tried will eventually lead you to achieve low levels of productivity.

Set a priority for everything you do (to do list) but the most difficult tasks that can get you closer to your goals should come first. Once the hard ones are achieved, it would build your confidence to do the effortless ones even when you are tired.


What is the point of spending 80% of your time to achieve 20% result? Why don’t you work on sacrificing 20% time to achieve 80% result! As a music producer, it’s expected that you spent the majority of your time developing yourself on an exceptional set of skills but unfortunately, majorities of producers spent the majority of their time to achieve an insignificant result.

As a producer, you are open to many tasks including producing, networking, marketing, skill perfection and sometimes Djing and almost all of these have their own contribution to your success which is a reward for time management. Finding means of being outstanding in all categories will end you being a hijacker of all and master of none which implies that you are moving with a shadow called distractions. Time management is the gate pass to success and the best way to manage your time is to create role and schedule for all activities rather than trying to achieve all at the same time. Even while you are working alone without any staff in your studio, division of labor is still important. In your to-do list, create your time to work as a manager, create your time to work as a studio cleaner, create your time to work as a creator and include time needed to carry out each assignment; be sure that the times are realistic such that you can complete the task within that speculated time and be sure to include a break where needed.


One of the easiest ways to manage your time is to know when to seek help. Sometimes, something you will spend five hours trying may be achieved within an hour if you seek for the help of others that knows better. There is no monopoly of knowledge, seeking the help of others doesn’t make you a mediocre, its call dropping the egos to learn more. Do so when you feel your internal critic is throwing red flags.

Collaboration with others also have a long influence on your time management, through that, you will not only get review from your fans alone but also from your partner fans, this comments have a long way to go on how you use your time as you can easily pick those things you need to make a head to your success and with that, you can become more productive.


No profession is simple, no task is easy to achieve! Every task is easy to achieve! Don’t be confused, yes! The two words are right but all depends on your perspective. If you concentrate too much on a large project, you may be choked, stressed, confuse and possibly make mistakes but if you see every task as easy as ABC and consider it achievable within the shortest time then the project becomes easy and more entertaining.

By dividing a bigger project into achievable smaller units, it makes it more fun and exciting to achieve. Dare yourself to complete a particular task within a speculated time in a fun manner and you will discover you are able to do it as you do not want to disappoint yourself. For instance, you want to create a rhyme within 20 minutes, you will do better while bouncing your basketball, rather than locking yourself in a room and giving your brain that huge stress.  Applying this procedure to the task you consider big will make you complete it faster than you think.

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