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  • You must upload STEMS, MIDI, MASTERED AND UNMASTERED versions (WAV 44.1kHz and MP3 320kbps).
  • Unmastered version must have at least -3db of headroom and it must be without limiter/compression.
  • Stems, midi, mastered and unmastered must be in separate folders. (Compressed in ZIP folder).
  • Every stem track must be named correctly (Kick, Snare, Bass etc.)
  • Stems must be as separate as possible. (For example all leads layers must be in separate stems not grouped into one stem.)
  • If it’s a vocal track you must include instrumental version and the vocal must be original or from royalty free sample pack.
  • You can use royalty free samples expect for melodies, chords etc. Idea of the track must be original!
  • The track must be exclusive and can’t be submitted to any other website, otherwise we will delete it immediately without warning!

*We reserve the right to not upload a track if you miss at least one of the above rules.

* If you make minimum price you won't be able to discount your track in the future!



We guarantee you that we will check your track in 3-7 working days after submission! 


Our commission rate is only 20%, so we offer you 80% revenue share!


We will payout earnings in 1 working day!