You love producing? So why not to make a good salary by doing it? You can start your dream job right now! Become a ghost producer and be your own boss! Just produce and we will do the rest!
  • You must upload STEMS, MIDI, MASTERED AND UNMASTERED versions (WAV 44.1kHz 24 bit and MP3 320kbps).
  • Stems, midi, mastered and unmastered must be in separate folders. (Compressed in ZIP folders).
  • Every stem track must be named right (Kick, Snare, Bass etc.)
  • If it’s a vocal track you must include instrumental version and the vocal must be original or from royalty free sample pack!



In the past we produced music for others ghost production companies so we understand that good and fast customer services is the main reason for willingness to cooperate further. We know the struggle when you put a lot of effort to produce high quality record and produce it as fast as possible but then it takes forever to get your track online to be sold. We guarantee you that we will check your track in 24 hours after submission! 


We are also producers and we know how you feel if you get low percentage of share after all that hard work!  We believe that producers are deserved the most ! We want to change the inequality so we made our commisions rate only 20%! So we offer you 80% revenue share!


We will payout earnings in 24 hours!