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Overcoming writer’s block as a music producer



It is possible for you to have heard about writer’s block or probably you have experienced it as a producer or you are just hearing it. It is important to know full details on how to mitigate this problem as it is considered a common problem in the music production. Before we proceed, let’s check what writer’s block means.


Writer’s block is typically a bane of every producer, virtually every producers and writers experience it occasionally. It is a condition primarily associated with music writing and production in which a music writer or producer loses the ability to create new work or experience lack of concentration on the existing one. Sometimes, most people confuse writer’s block with being exhausted. When you are exhausted, you got tired and lack seal to proceed with the work but when you are really experiencing writer’s block, you have the seal to work but simply lack concentration and ability to proceed with the work. For instance, as a music writer, you might have the seal to write but stay up for hours without achieving anything, the problem might be where to start versus how to finish. Also, a producer might find himself in the studio, right in front of the keyboard to work, run many keys only to discover that only meaningless sound is produced or probably a chord from a song he has produced a long time ago. At that time, he is not exhausted, he is simply experiencing a writer’s block.


Dealing with the problem from the root is very important, the main problem is that for all music writer and producers, music has become a habit that no longer requires passion and inspiration; we see it as our daily obligation such that we just dive into our studio and perform our duties using our regular techniques trying to get inspiration from what we do rather than applying our passion and inspiration to what we do to get a better result. Many don’t know they are doing it wrong but it’s not too late. Below are a few ways to overcome writer’s block:


As a music writer or producers, music is what we do, music is what we need inspirations to do and so one of the best ways to get inspired is through music. As music producers, we are used to worrying about so many things such as task at hand, an improvement on what we do and we always want to create something new and so it’s easy to lose focus and purpose especially why we make music in the first place. It’s important to create our source of inspiration and excitement as these are the only way to create good music. Curate a playlist that moves you, a collection of your favorite tracks that you can’t but listing to, great tracks that motivate you all time, put it on your music player, put on your headset and take a walk. Walk in a calm and beautiful environment such as a garden or stay on the balcony to experience nature while listening to those collections to refresh your head.


As earlier said, music has become a habit to many producers, when you are experiencing a producer’s block, it is important to break a few habits of yours. You can change your sitting position, rearrange your studio, change your working hour, for instance, if you do make music in the morning, sleep in the afternoon and play basketball in the evening. You can rotate your routine, play basketball in the morning and make music in the evening after relaxing, you can find time in the afternoon to sit in your backyard and play with your instrument along with your pet; let your pet play with your keyboard while you watch and listing to the sound making through the jumping of your pet. Just do something different to regain your passion and inspiration and confidence while relaxing.


Discovering yourself is the best way to be inspired and stay focused, don’t just put your all when you know the inspiration to do so is far away from you. Once you notice you are experiencing a producer’s block, (that moment when you are trying all your best to produce a melody that can change the moment but instead, you end up playing something far from your expectation or you just discover that you just don’t get into it) It is important to take a break and do something different. A video game can help you cool down your head. Play action or adventure or any game you are good at. Play with a friend if you have the opportunity to do so.


Albert Einstein stated and I quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting the different result” changing your approaches is often a great way to overcome writer’s/producer’s block and also a perfect way to learn something different that will make you grow as a producer!

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