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How to get streams on Spotify


How to get streams on Spotify

The global music streaming industry continues to grow exponentially. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds. With over 75 million paying subscribers, and millions of free users, Spotify remains of the biggest music streaming platforms across the globe. The platform is recognized as an excellent place for amateur and aspiring musicians to promote their music and reach out to their target audience in the hope of reaching the limelight and establishing a substantial fandom. While many artists both signed and unsigned are struggling to make it in the industry, many have succeeded and have built a name for themselves in the music industry.
Whether you are an unsigned or signed artist still craving for a way to come to the limelight, Spotify is one huge opportunity and the most place to grow your fan base and promote your music. Although, you may have some difficulties finding ways to generate Spotify streams, following the right path will help you to generate a massive stream. This guide will help you in expanding your fan base and get more Spotify streams as an unsigned artist or signed artist still looking for a way of increasing the number of his potential audience.


To be successful through Spotify, the first step is to get your music on the platform. However, Spotify doesn’t offer a means to upload free music like most other platforms but instead, relies on digital music distributors such as DistroKid to upload music to them. This implies that all artists who want their music on Spotify must use a Spotify licensed distributor. Spotify sees this outsourcing as a way to focus their time and resources into creating the best music service they can rather than worry about helping and paying thousands of artists. The distributor works are not limited to uploading music alone, they are also responsible for the payment of royalties when fan stream your music on Spotify and as well, provide all necessary resources to market your music.


Once you have successfully get your music on Spotify, creating a verified artist profile is the next essential step. Verified artists have access to tools for vitals tools that can help them manage their profile and playlists, viewing an array of stats, and more. Becoming a verified artist does not give you high chances of getting noticed by Spotify playlist curators alone, it also helps in boosting credibility.
Spotify for Artists is the gateway to get verified and is open to all artists and their management. The merits of Spotify verification include:
• A blue checkmark on your profile
• Access to analytics and fan insights
• Ability to create and submit artist playlists
• Access to customize your profile with images and a bio
• Ability to send your releases to Spotify’s editorial team
• Access to promotion tools and more


The biggest drivers of streams on Spotify are Playlists and charts. They are essential tools in bringing you to the limelight as an artist. Playlists remain one of the fastest ways to get your music heard by millions of potential fans across the globe. However, getting your music featured on famous playlists remain one of the most difficult tasks as the top playlists are either controlled by Spotify’s Editorial team or major labels. Although we consider it a difficult task but it’s a necessity.
Building your playlists if to feature on famous playlists is difficult is the simplest way to generate more streams and gain followers. Create playlists that feature your music as well as other artists with quality music. Just like Instagram, when you follow people, you increase their followers, when they follow back, they increase your followers. Supporting other artists and sharing your playlists regularly will increase the chances of having the favor returned by those artists.
Adding tracks to your playlists regularly is also important because your followers get notified each time you update your playlist. This approach will not only drive listeners to your profile, but it will also help to increase your followers and streams.
Apart from the aforementioned, curating and promoting playlists is vital as it keeps you active most especially with your listeners. Your activeness with high performing streams will place you at the edge of getting your music placed on prominent playlists as Spotify algorithms monitor your activity. And likewise, the more streams and followers you have, the higher you’ll appear in searches.


Apart from Creating a Spotify for Artists account, and creating themed playlists featuring music from other artists and regularly update your playlists, there are several ways to get your music featured on Spotify playlists, below are a few:
• Submit new and unreleased to the Spotify editorial team for playlist consideration
• Submit music to independent curators such as Indiemono, Soundplate, Soave Records, and Spingrey
• Contact playlist curators either through text or email and ask them to add your music
• Get your music signed by a popular label with high performing playlists
• Support and share other artists’ playlists. Also, follow artists you like and also produce music similar to your style. This will help your fans discover the music you’re into
• Regular sharing of your playlists on social media, blogs, and music-related websites to expand your exposure
• Promote your music on Spotify. Encourage your fans to follow you and to listen to your music on the platform
• Release quality music that is competitive and can stand up to well-performing tracks
• Stay active, be proactive, grow your followers, and increase your streams


As mentioned earlier, active engagement with fans is vital to your visibility. Utilize the digital world to your advantage, social media is globally and cut across all tribes and races. Be active on every available social media platform, post your Spotify links, promote your music and gigs, your music and gigs, share stories to keep your followers engaged, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms are perfect tools that can keep you connected to your fans. Ariana Grande has 167 million Instagram followers which imply that a single post from her can be accessed and repost by 167 million. This is an indication of how powerful social media is if you use it to your advantage. Feedback from your fans will also help you to improve in all aspects.

There are several other ways to get streams on Spotify but the aforementioned are indeed great tools that can bring you to the limelight.

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