How To Get A Music Manager

How to Get a Music Manager?


How to Get a Music Manager?

Hiring a music manager is a great way to make it into the music industry professionally. You may need to hire a manager when you have a heavy workload, like songwriting sessions, etc.

There are tons of benefits of hiring a manager, as they have the expertise to help you function in the industry.

Also, it would be beneficial if you hired a manager before getting signed to a major label. This way, you won’t have to worry about marketing, collecting royalties, and being approached by major brands.

Now, finding an excellent manager is not as easy as it seems. You may find a lot of managers, but they can be terrible at their jobs. So, hiring the best manager, make sure that you build an attractive presence as an artist. 

This article will discuss how beneficial it is for your musical career and how to get a music manager. 

7 Excellent Tips to Get a Music Manager

There is no one way to land on a superb manager, but you have to make it happen for yourself. If you expect a manager to come running to you, then remember you’re in a competitive industry.

To get a potential manager, you have to try your best, so let’s dive into seven excellent tips to hire a music manager:

Network with People

In the music industry, a professional network with influential people can help you in the long run. You can’t think to prosper in this industry alone. Connect with different people to build your presence.

You don’t have to dial-up to a management firm because you can use your contacts. Never hesitate to ask your fellow artists how they get in touch with their manager. It can be a great way to make viable contacts in the industry.

Another option that can work wonders for you, in the long run, is to ask a music enthusiast friend. You may have a friend or a person in your circle who loves and has ample knowledge in the industry. It can benefit them to make it into the music industry, and you can get yourself a fantastic manager.

Find someone enthusiastic about your Music

While hiring a music manager, you want a person who is passionate about your music. You wouldn’t want to hire a person who has no interest in what you do, or they may not prefer your music genre.

If you hire a person who works with you for the money, you may face significant consequences after hiring them. Always look for a manager who is interested in your music and understands your work.

Do live Shows

We can’t stress this enough live shows and gigs can help you get approached by brilliant managers. One way to find managers is to head up to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can follow them and see which live shows they are attending. 

You can host your music shows, or you can find a local gig. Some managers attend live music shows and offer artists their business cards.

You can increase your chances of being reached by a management company or a manager by doing live shows. As a musician, you need to perform and show that you are a complete package. 

It would be best to find out all the events in your area to get in the line and increase your chances of finding a manager.

Music Management Companies

There are tons of music management companies that provide services for managing artists. Getting in touch with these companies can be very beneficial for your musical journey. 

Management companies got resources at their disposal to take your career to the next level. You can head to Google to search for companies in your area and get their contact information.

The best way to contact the music management companies is to email them. You can send them your Sound Cloud, and they might get back to you if they like your music. 

Search on Social Media

As we said earlier, you can find music managers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn is a platform that music managers and companies used to connect with artists.

Always follow music managers on social media who have some interest in music as your genre or style. Share your honest opinion or view under their posts or tweets.

There are significant chances that they might notice your work, or you can approach them. Once they see you, try to inbox them with your music links and professionally tell them about your work.

Measure the success of your manager

When you hire a manager, it’s time to check if things are going smoothly or not. After hiring a manager, see if they are helping you promote your music in a better way or not.

There are loads of things you have to go through after hiring a music manager. You can’t waste all the money that you spent on them. Make sure that they are getting you more shows, and they are promoting your music.

If you see results, then you’re set on a successful journey. But in case you don’t get your desired results, hire a new manager.

Get Noticed by The Music Manager

Last but not least, getting noticed by a potential manager or a company means a lot of opportunities. Some certain companies or managers may like your music and want to invest in you.

If you make quality music, do live shows, have a fabulous social media presence. There are plentiful chances that you may get noticed by a music manager.

To wrap it up!

If you’re working on making music and ignoring the promotion part, start rethinking. There is a lot a music manager can do for you, like finding gigs, promoting, and help you signed to major labels.

To make it rewarding in the music industry, it’s prime time that you hunt an excellent manager.


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