Best Books for Music Producers

Best Books for Music Producers


Best Books for Music Producers

We always hear that books are a great friend of a human being. You can get information about music production from blogs and YouTube. But, reading a book can also be a fruitful option.

If you prefer reading books instead of watching a tutorial, you’re at the right place. A blog or videos often can’t provide as much information as you can get from a book. There are tons of books that you could read before producing your music.

Remember that practice can make you perfect with the help of some theory. With the music production books by some of the great music production gurus, you can make it big.

Here in this article, we’ve gathered some great books about music production for you. You can learn different aspects of making good music like mixing, recording philosophy.

These books will give you a piece of thorough information about music production techniques. These books are also designed for beginners who are new in the field. So, get a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the music production world.


These books are for all those people who are passionate about music production. These books will help you with producing great music in the year 2021.

Here is the list of our favorite books for music producers:

1. Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

You must be thinking that it’s a long name for a book, but this book has it all. The book will provide you with details of music-making. The book has come up with 74 creative strategies that will help you in music producing journey.

This book will help all those people getting better who think that they don’t know anything. This book contains systematic answers to all your question related to music-making.

The book is straightforward in understanding for everyone. The book states the problem then offers many solutions for that particular problem.

If you have an essential understanding of music-making, you could polish your skills. This making music book covers all problems from beginning with music to finishing it.

2. Mixing with Impact

The author of this book Wessel Oltheten has explained all the aspects of music mixing. He talked about his knowledge and experience with music production through this book.

It will answer all your question related to a music mixing and creating. The book discusses all the creative techniques behind making a piece of perfect music.

This book has balanced all the techniques of making music in a comfortable and creative book. Whether you’re an experienced producer or a beginner, you can learn everything from this book.

This book will help you in making impactful music for the audience.

3. Modern Recording Techniques

Modern recording techniques is one of the most famous music engineering books by David Miles. This book will help you in making great songs from the start until the very end. The book talks about the music mixing techniques that you can use in this modern era.

This book provides a piece of detailed knowledge of music mixing strategies. With this book, you’ll master the art of recording, mixing, and production. Although it’s a long book, you’ll have a ton of knowledge after its completion.

Whether you’re a beginner or has some knowledge of music-making, this book will help you. We’ll recommend this book to beginners as it is straightforward to understand.

4. The Mixing Engineers Handbook

This book is one the best books out there on music mixing. It fits for all people having expertise in the field or no expertise at all.

It’ll answer all your questions about music mixing and producing. The book is a comprehensive guide on mixing, building, and recording.

You’ll learn all the rules of music mixing through this book. This book will also help you test your knowledge along the way of learning.

5. Music Theory for Computer Musicians

We all know that technology has taken all our daily tasks. We complete almost all our daily tasks with the help of a computer in some way or other. It is a computer-based music learning book that explains all the music-related theories.

Your music theories will help you with the foundation of making great music. This book has it all because it talks about all music theories based on modern-day tools.

6. Behind the Glass

If we talk about this book, it’s quite an old one, but that is the plus point here. The author of these books has interviewed some of the famous music producers.

This book will help you in making some excellent music for your fans. This book is one of the most helpful books on music-making and will help you expand your knowledge.

7. The Art of Music Production

The art of music production, written by Richard James, talks about making great music. The book will help you learn the art of music-making using technology like your phones.

This book will help you embark on a successful journey as a music producer. The art of music provides you with a lot of information about the music industry.

8. Temples of Sound

The temples of sound tell intriguing stories of all legendary music-making studios. The book talks about the most famous 15 studios for producing great music.

It has interviews of all the music producers from different studios and genres. The book has a lot to teach you about the music production world. Loved by many people, this book will help you with your music production journey in 2021.


Consulting these great books, along with different blogs, will help you a lot in your journey. These books will help you prosper in the music production field.

By practicing, you can convert your knowledge into some fantastic music art. It’s crucial to educate yourself on music production techniques through books. With the help of these eight books and your confidence, we assure you that you can achieve anything.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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