How to Get More Gigs as a Musician in 2022

How to Get More Gigs as a Musician in 2022?


How to Get More Gigs as a Musician?

If you’re new in the music industry, getting gigs can seem pretty daunting. But every musician feels amazing once they perform on a stage in front of people. You may have learned to play an instrument or make your music, and now you want to perform for an audience. 

Playing live for an audience is a fantastic way to build a fan base. But for creating a fan base, you need intense gigs, and for that, you may have to compete with other musicians. Getting gigs is easy if you use suitable approaches and work with persistence.

In this article, you’ll explore some tips that will help you understand how to get more gigs as a musician in 2022.

5 Tips to Get More Gigs as a Musician

Before we get into the tips, we’ll advise you always to ensure that you’re well prepared before starting. Now this means that you must memorize your songs, create playlists and make wonderful music. 

If your music is sloppy, it won’t work out for you no matter how hard you try to land on gigs. Make splendid music and work on your presentation if you want to be successful at doing houseful shows. 

Let’s dive into the five excellent tips you can work on getting more gigs as a musician in 2022:

Promote your Work

You can’t deny the advantages you can get from doing a significant promotion of your music. Even if you’re a band or a solo artist, promoting your music can help you immensely.

To achieve your destination, embark on the journey, or you won’t reach it. Also, go out there and get reputable promoters, potential clients, and famous venues.

Visual ads can play a crucial role in promoting your work, like making promo videos of your music. You can use YouTube for posting your music promotion video for your potential clients and audience. 

Another critical thing that can help you is to build networks with influential people. You can also look for gigs in your existing circle. 

Do you know people who can equip you with the opportunity of getting a gig? Is there any birthday party coming up in your circle?

Reach out to different people you know and ask them if you could perform at their function. You can offer your duties for free to promote your music and grow your network.

The Art of Pitching

When you reach out to venue owners and promoters, make sure you pitch a solid demo to them. Always pitch ideas to the person in charge of booking, whether a CD or a social media link to you performing.

Another crucial thing is to connect with the show booking person smartly. It will help if you use a phone call instead of emailing and do a face-to-face meeting instead of a call. 

When you pitch your music face-to-face over a cup of coffee or at a bar, your chances are high to foster a relationship. It can work as a plus point for you to earn your initial gig as a musician. 

The venues that host music shows get many gigs daily, so make sure you stand out in the crowd. Try to pitch music that compliments the vibe of a specific place. 

If you understand your audience and target market, you have a high chance to land on gigs in your local area.

Connect with other musicians

There could be lots of established musicians in your local area whom you can collaborate with. If their music genre is the same as yours, but you don’t know them, you can contact them professionally.

Look for their contact details and reach out to tell them how you’re good enough to collaborate with. Whether you network with a solo artist or a band, you never know they might get interested in your work.

All successful artists collaborate to reach more potential audiences. It can help you build an audience and land on outstanding gigs if you collaborate with an established artist or band.

Always Respond Quickly

One of the heftiest mistakes new artists make is pitching their work to promoters but not following up. If you get a response from event managers and boosters, but you try to procrastinate, you might regret it later. 

Act like a superhero and respond to a callback on the same day or as soon as you can. There are tons of people who are waiting to get a chance as you do. And if you respond late, chances are other artists may take your place.

If there is a reason that you can’t take the gig, still respond to the callback or email. Tell those people why you can’t take the gig and tell them genuinely. This way, they might consider you in the future, but they might take you off their list if you don’t share the reason.

Start with baby Steps to get gigs

Always keep in mind that you may not land on a massive gig for the first time. Take baby steps and say yes to every gig that comes your way. As a musician, building a fan base and getting your music out there is crucial for you.

When you start as a musician, your first goal is to play, whether it’s for your neighbor’s pool party or a high school prom.

If you reject paltry offers and wait for one big offer, you may fail in the music industry. Never think that no gig is good enough because it can be a way to your success.

To wrap it up!

If you’re making pleasant music, all the tips we mentioned will help you kick-start your musical journey. It might take some time and struggle to get your first gig or to reach a big show. But once you put in all your effort, you’ll get fruitful results.

But many artists give up if they don’t see the results, don’t let rejection demotivate you. Always polish your skills to get better and try again with more preparation.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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