How to build a fan base as a musician

How to Build a Fan Base as a Musician


How to Build a Fan Base as a Musician

When you showcase your talent in front of people you want them to appreciate. Every musician would have a loyal fan base. Don’t need to worry because if you are creative and have the talent, it’ll pay you off.

It’s ok to find it hard building a fan base that appreciates and recognize you as a musician. It’s essential to build a fan base that motivates you to grow more. Well, you might be wondering how to build a loyal fan base.

Don’t fret we’ve prepared these thumb rules that you can on your musical journey. You can become the next Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes if your music is good.

With that being said, let’s give you some tips to build a loyal fan base.

7 Tips on Building a Fan Base as a Musician

Below is the list of the best tips on building a fan base as a musician:

1. Make Great Music

Your music would be the first step of representing you to the people. Giving your best in this section will help you build a loyal fan base.

Write quality songs and release them with consistency. Music lovers always appreciate something new and refreshing. If you lack in making quality music, no marketing strategies will help you get famous and build a fan base.

Never forget that the music industry is very competitive. That’s why you have to give your best to achieve anything. When you give your time and heart in writing and creating quality music, it will pay you off in the long run.

It’s ok if you have less money for your song recordings. There are many online recording studios that you can use for recording music.

2. Use Social Media

Social media platforms will help you in finding people that’ll appreciate your music. It’s free and easy to use and build a fan base.

Social Media handles will help you know your target audience. Use these platforms to connect with people and engage with them.

You can also engage with people who are in the same industry as you. Collab with different people who are from your field this will give you more exposure.

You can use social media handles to create a massive fan base. Ask your fans about how they like your music and connect with them.

There are many music platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud, that you can use to post your music. Be consistent in using these platforms, and it will help you build a loyal fan base.

3. Build a Music Website

Building a music website can also help you in getting recognized by people. Build a compelling website on WordPress and post information about your music on it.

You can post about your daily music schedules or your new song and album. Create a music blog and posts about your experiences in the music industry.

You can also request different music blogs to feature your blog. It can be a little tricky when the competition is high. But you can achieve anything little by little.

4. Live Shows

Doing live shows can also play an essential role in building your fan base as a musician. You can hold your live music shows in your community.

Post about your live shows on your social media and ask people to come to your performance. You can host free live music shows it will help in getting more exposure.

The biggest boyband in the world BTS asked people to attend their concerts for free in their early days. Now they sell stadiums in a few minutes.

If you find it hard to host a live show, you can take part in other music shows. You can collaborate with people to host a show, and you can also ask other musicians to take part in your live performance.

This technique will help you a lot in building a fan base that will recognize you and support your voice.

5. Host Giveaways

Many social media influencers often host giveaways to brand themselves. Giveaways can be another technique that can make you famous.

We all know that everyone loves free stuff. You can build your merchandise and can host weekly giveaways. You can give away a free CD of your new song or album.

Holding contest can also be a fruitful tactic to build a loyal fan base. Appreciate the talent of other people by holding free music contests.

It will help you interact with many new people, singers, songwriters or even producers. Maybe someone sponsors you to release your next hit album or song.

6. Use Email Marketing to collect fan base

It might seem complicated or hectic at first. But we guarantee you’ll get some fruitful results with email marketing. You can create a monthly or weekly newsletter for your fans.

Share your music blogs with them through your email list. It is one of the easy ways to tell your fans about your next live show or your new album.

You can an email sign up option on your music website. It will help your fans to get your weekly or monthly newsletter.

7. Don’t Tire Yourself while building a fan base

Building a loyal fan base is not an easy task and keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight. You have to be consistent in your attempts to get your desired results.

Don’t get distracted or demotivated if people aren’t responding that much in the beginning. Wait with patience, and you’ll soon see the results.

Consistency and patience will help you, and in the end, your hard work will pay you off. Always remember to be humble to your fans who love your music and acknowledge you.

Be honest in your efforts and make great music even after getting successful. Honesty will keep you grounded and thankful.


You can build a huge fan base by following the tips mentioned above. Your online presence will help you in your music journey but don’t forget to use everything that you can do.

You never know you might get success in building a considerable fan base overnight with these tips.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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