Terms of Use

Introductory information
Welcome to the Ghost Production website (following as the “Website” or the “Site”). These Terms of Use regulates the legal report between you, the user and customer of our services and website (following as the “Customer” or the “User”) and us, Ghost Production. Using our Services, you expressly demonstrate to have carefully read and understood these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with one or more clauses expressed in this legal document, please do not use our website and its inherent services.

User usage and conduct
You assure and warrant that you are no less than 18 years of age or visiting the Site under the supervision of a parent or watchman.

Subject to the terms and states of this Agreement, we thus concede you a constrained, revocable, non-transferable and non-selective permit to access and utilize the Site by showing it on your browser just to shop for individual things sold on the Site and not for any commercial utilize or use in the interest of any outsider, aside from as expressly allowed by us ahead of time. Any break of this Agreement will result in the quick denial of the permit conceded in this section without notice to you.

You must not duplicate, disperse, show, offer, rent, transmit, make subordinate works from, decipher, adjust, figure out, dismantle, decompile or generally misuse this Site or any bit of it except if explicitly allowed by us in composing. You may not make any commercial utilization of any of the data gave on the Site or make any utilization of the Site to support another business except if expressly allowed by us ahead of time. We maintain whatever authority is needed to deny assistance, end accounts, as well as drop orders at its prudence, including, without impediment, on the off chance that we trust that client lead abuses material law or is hurtful to our interests.

You will not transfer to, disperse, or generally distribute through this Site any Content, data, or other material that (a) damages or encroaches the copyrights, licenses, trademarks, benefit marks, exchange insider facts, or other exclusive privileges of any individual; (b) is derogatory, undermining, defamatory, disgusting, revolting, explicit, or could offer ascent to any thoughtful or criminal risk under Russian law or worldwide law; or (c) incorporates any bugs, viruses, worms, trap entryways, trojan steeds or other destructive code or properties.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property
All text, logos, drawings, source code, audio files (collectively, “Content”) belong exclusively to Ghost Production. In particular, any kind of diffusion, reproduction, disassembly, reuse with modifications of the Content, without any written permission provided by us, is prohibited.

In particular, you do not have the right to use our trademarks, patents or content to discredit us or in meta tags without our prior written consent.

Seller conduct

Any seller user of our Website expressly accepts the following set of clauses:

  • The seller is the legal owner of the track/s.

  • Any track has never been released or already sold before. In this sense, the track/s has/have never been processed or submitted to any other music company.

  • Any music content is original, not sampled using pre-sampled work and construction kits.

  • The track/s does/do not constitute plagiarism.

  • Once a track is sold through the Website, the seller expressly agrees to not sell it in other platforms.

  • The seller agrees that coupons and discount applied by the Service may reduce the price from time to time.

  • Any violation of these clauses will be responsibility of the Seller.

Website Termination
We reserve the full right to limit or suspend (for a limited or indefinite period) any user or viewer account if required to do so by law. In this sense, the action of limitation or suspension will be instantaneous, without necessarily receiving written or verbal notice. Additionally, any violation of the these terms and conditions will comport a total suspension of the license provided by us to you.


We currently accept PayPal in euros as method of payment for any website transaction.


Given the nature of our digital services, We do not concede refunds under any circumstances possible.

Confidential Information and non disclosure

The producer may be made aware of confidential information about the Company. Such confidential information, whether provided by the Company or by any other party, shall remain confidential only for the duration of the contract. In particular, the producer agrees to maintain the trust and confidentiality of all confidential information during and after this agreement. The producer acknowledges and agrees that such Confidential Information is unique and valuable to the Company and is developed and acquired through substantial investments of time, effort and financial and other resources. The producer must not disclose any confidential information to anyone outside the Company without the written approval of the Company, nor use any confidential information for any purpose other than for the benefit of the Company.

The Producer acknowledges and agrees that the Company owns all rights, title and interest in the Confidential Information now or in the future subject of this Agreement. The use of the Confidential Information by the Producer without prior authorization of the Company is not authorized. The Company’s failure to enforce certain restrictions on the Producer’s use of the Confidential Information does not constitute a waiver of future rights to enforce the same restrictions.

Limitation on Use

Any services we provide to you are exclusively provided to you, and you may not exchange those materials or transfer your rights to someone else in order to receive their services, without written consent from us. Users who are under the age requirement (in accordance with Belgian law) will require the consent of parent or of the childs legal guardian. You are granted limited authority of using our services non-commercial use. You may download, copy, modify, duplicate, reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, or even offer the services we provided you with for sale, but you may only do so with a written consent from our team at Ghost Production.

Any violation of the terms as stated in and related to www.theghostproduction.com/ will result in total suspension of the license you were granted from us.


We hold no responsibility for any delay or interruption that you may face in gaining access to the site; nonetheless we are prepared to support you. We do not acknowledge any responsibility for any damage or loss of information on your computer, network or server; however we always use verified software. We do not guarantee that your access to our website will be one hundred percent error free; however our team of experts strive to ensure smooth operation. We reserve all rights of limiting access to our site for routine maintenance and site updates. We are not to be held responsible for any failure you suffer in courses due to any connection error, or routine site maintenance closure.


In the event that any of the aforementioned Terms gets unenforceable – either partially or in its entirely, the legitimacy and validity of other terms of the contract will remain unaffected.


We retain the sole authority to revise or amend the Terms and conditions without providing you with any notice. The most current version of the Terms and Conditions will be valid and will supersede any past versions.


The site operates in full accordance with the laws of the Lithuanian state. In particular, we fully comply with the standards and rules set out in the European Data Protection Regulation, alias EU 2016/679.

The user has the chance to contact us in case of doubts, questions or issues at